A Big Funeral For Me, But Not For Thee…

A Big Funeral For Me, But Not For Thee…

So here’s an interesting one. John Lewis, a Civil Rights hero in the 1960’s and a fairly generic liberal politician ever since- he boycotted Dubya’s inauguration in 2000- died earlier this month. The double standard of celebrating his life in full, as though COVID-lockdown culture didn’t exist, comes as no surprise by now.

Very revealing, though, was this exchange on Twitter, between a man who’s father had recently died, and a news anchor defending the double standard. The news anchor explains to the feudal serf that since his father “was not John Lewis”, he did not deserve the lockdown exemption, like Lewis did.
No photo description available.

This exchange angered a lot of people, but not me. Almost since the beginning of this whole thing, I’ve said that this “New (Ab)normal” was largely, if not exclusively, an excuse for those in power to grab more of it. The problem is, when a rightwing nutjob like myself says it, I’m just reading from my script. When those who do the elites’ bidding say it, however, their words carries a lot more weight. So thank you, Mr. Newsman, for proving my point!

In plain English, either…

A) We’re dealing with a horrible plague, and we ALL need to dramatically alter life to do our part, no exceptions.
B) We’re NOT dealing with a horrible plague, and after making a few minor adjustments, we ALL need to go back to living our lives.

The bottom line is that the sooner more people see through all of this, the better off all of us will be. Well…ALMOST all of us….

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