Thoughts on the Election (Don’t Shoot The Messenger!)


Honestly, I’m too tired to write anything truly thoughtful- and we’ve been hearing it all nonstop for months anyway- so here are my thoughts about what can happen today- and next week- and who-knows-how-long after…

-Enthusiasm is off the charts for Trump. The massive rallies across America- both planned and unplanned- are astonishing to watch.
-The makeup of the Electoral College heavily favors Republicans, as we’ve seen in 2000 and 2016- hence why Democrats want to get rid of it so badly. 
-Trump’s energy, contrasted with Biden’s lack of it (as well as coherence), could shift momentum in Trump’s favor.
-BLM overplayed their hand, and a lot of suburbanites seem to have shied away from it. (A big part reason why that topic stopped coming up so much in recent weeks.)

-Casual voters are convinced that Trump didn’t handle COVID well, and Trump’s message was too scattered to convince them otherwise. This is the first time in his Presidency that he struggled to successfully counter “the fake news media”- but also why they’re going as relentlessly as ever with COVID, COVID, COVID.
-We’ve heard so much about the “Silent Majority for Trump”, it’s now turned on its head. Trump loyalists (the MAGA crowd) have actually become so loud that an alien landing on Earth today would be forgiven for thinking that Trump will win in a landslide!  Anyone who’s observing rationally knows that this will not happen.  Many Biden voters are simply scared to go outside “due to COVID” *ahem*, which is why they’re voting by mail.  On a similar note…

-Democrats have made it so easy to vote- again, “due to COVID”- that your great-grandmother can do it!  Twice!  And she’s not even ALIVE!

Seriously, do not underestimate the Democrats ability to loosen restrictions on counting ballots.  High turnout favors Democrats- that’s just the way it is- and the Democrat power brokers are working as hard as possible to make sure to turn out the vote.

Final Prediction- Who the hell knows.  This whole thing is so different than anything we’ve ever seen- least of all because both sides were delegitimatizing the other BEFORE THE VOTING EVEN STARTED, it’s nearly impossible to imagine we’ll have a winner within the next 24 hours.  But again- who knows?

{to be continued}

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