All According To Plan

Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.” -John Chisholm, Milwaukee County D.A.

Well, we can’t say that he didn’t warn us, can we? For those who need a recap…

A 39 year old violent criminal by the name of Darrell Brooks, had allegedly threatened to kill a woman, followed by attempting to run her over with a car (apparently clipping her leg in the process), before being arrested- only to be released, almost immediately, on a mere $1000 bail. (Finally- a place where there’s no inflation!)

But that was only the beginning of the story. Not long after expressing anger at the Rittenhouse verdict (understandable, as the fallen violent criminals were essentially his brothers-in-arms), Brooks drove through a Christmas parade, killing and injuring as many white people as he could. (His social media posts, expressing solidarity for BLM and hatred of white people, essentially confirms this.)

At the time of this writing, six people are dead, but dozens more are critically injured.People desperate to hang on to an inexplicable “wHiTe PrIvILeDgE” racial angle to Rittenhouse’s not-guilty verdict- some of whom we know in real life- will have a hell of a time trying to explain how a seasoned, blood-thirsty sex-offender like Darrell Brooks was freed on $1000 bail, while a legal minor, trying to defend his life against a child rapist and woman-beater, required Ricky Schroder and other bigwigs to bail him out…on *TWO MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS*!

Getting back to John Chisholm, the Svengali of the story, this horrific act of domestic terrorism has turned him from a prognosticator to a prophet. So far that? Hey, congrats, Johnny! Seriously, though- this is a man who ADMITTED people will die because of his policies. I don’t know if the term “bleeding-heart liberal” applies anymore. (SOMEONE’S bleeding here, but it’s not the liberal, is it?) Self-proclaimed progressives claim to have a monopoly on compassion, especially compared to us “selfish” conservatives”…but what kind of compassion does this policy entail?Equally as revealing is the lack of primal outrage from Chisholm’s ideological tribe. After all, Chisholm is aligned with the crowd that STILL justify every deranged COVID policy with, “If it saves ONE LIFE!”…even as Chisholm ADMITTED that people would die because of his policy- hell, he practically BRAGGED about it! Even more curious, the same crowd doesn’t seem all that worked up about Chisholm’s policies, nor are they interested in Brooks’s hatred of white people., Contrast that with their continuous rage at a 17 year old, who killed a pedophile and women-beater, in defense of his own life. (On that note, what were THOSE guys doing out on the streets??)

It’s probably worth spreading this story around, because it won’t be long before the gatekeepers and their gullible followers will turn their focus back the “real” problems- Charlottesville, January 6th, and (white Republicans) not wearing masks.

That is, if they haven’t done it already.

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