A Potential Solution To End Tanking

There should be no “mixed feelings” from fans about a game winning buzzer-beater, like the one D’Angelo Russell hit on April 9th. (source: BasketUSA.com)

We all know that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but just how MUCH grease does that squeaky wheel need? Maybe that wheel needs to work on its defense, or three-point shooting, or ability to use metaphors!

In the case of the NBA draft, good intentions have led to unintended consequences, as with most things in life.   The worst team is given the greatest shot at getting the number one pick, thereby leading teams to play for their future, instead of playing for pride.  These two goals shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, so how about this- for the first and third worst teams, the number of lottery balls are reversed.  In other words, the team with the third worst record will get the most to choose from, while the one with the worst gets the third most.  (A flip like this would still keep the second worst team with the second greatest chance.)  Under this scenario, the worst team would still have a sizable shot at the best pick, while ensuring that they no longer strive to be the worst team on purpose.  Losing is bad enough, but losing on purpose demoralizes the players, the fans, and anyone else with a vested interest in the franchise.  Taking away the incentive to do that would make tanking a thing of the past.

You’re welcome, NBA.

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